Toots and the Pale Ales…

Toots and the Pale Ales…

Lamplighter Brewing Company, Pressure Drop Pale Ale, Cambridge, MA

Lamplighter Pressure Drop Pale Ale poured into a nonic pint glass.
Lamplighter Pressure Drop Pale Ale.

A gift from my friend Brian Souza. Can dated 1/30/18, so it is only a few weeks old. 5.2% abv. Pours a murky yellow gold color with a thick white head. Awesome Belgian lace and head retention. Pine, citrus rind, and dried apricot on the nose. First sip is delicious tropical fruit salad with a slow hop bite at finish. Super fruity and slick with hop oils, but it gets a touch drier with each sip. Clementine and oat bread sweetness. This beer is medium bodied, thirst quenching and it is ridiculously drinkable. It pushes the envelope as a pale ale and really does taste more like a solid IPA, but I don’t care what you call it, just give me more.

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