Getting buzzed…

Getting buzzed…

Night Shift Brewing, Buzz, Everett, MA

Night Shift Buzz, Double IPA poured into a tulip glass.
Night Shift Buzz, Double IPA.

Picked up at the brewery a few days ago. Canned 1/29/18 so this beer is about 5 days old…it is straight from the brewery to my thirsty lips. 8.5% abv. Brewed with wildflower honey and lupulin powder. Pours a hazy glowing yellow gold color with a white head. Thick webs of Belgian lace all around the glass. Pine resin, lemon, and floral aromas.  Lupulin powder gives it a kicking hop bite with a surprising smoothness. Alcohol is masked extremely well, but it sneaks out every once in a while, just so you know that it is there. It gets drier and drier with each sip, but in a good way. Some candy sweetness and the honey does reveal itself ever so slightly. Tropical flavors appear halfway through with some candy sugar like notes. Some hints of sugared grapefruit as well. This is a rock solid DIPA. Quite frankly, this shit will get you buzzed!

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