The Friendliest Ghost You Know…

The Friendliest Ghost You Know…

Brasserie Fantome and Beancurdturtle Brewing collaboration, Ghost Turtle, Soy, Belgium

Fantome and Beancurdturtle collaboration, Ghost Turtle saison poured into a tulip beer glass.
Fantome and Beancurdturtle collaboration, Ghost Turtle saison.

A holiday gift from my brother Tim. Brewed by Brasserie Fantome in collaboration with Beancurdturtle Brewing. 8% abv. Capped and corked 750ml bottle with a fun Ghost Turtle logo. Pours a rich copper color with a fluffy white head that lasts forever. Good Belgian lace. Clove, white pepper, honey, and vegetative aromas burst out of bottle and fill the room! First sip is amazing. Great carbonation but a silky smooth, medium-bodied mouthfeel. Hops and pepper flavors at finish, with a lingering brettanomyces yeast funk. Sweetness kicks in halfway through the first glass with berries, dried apricots, and candy sugar flavors. Lemon zest hop kick comes in late as well. It gets drier and drier with each sip, with a touch of oak woodiness. Flavors keep coming with pear skin, herbs, light banana bread, and those old school sugar powdered lemon drop candies. No alcohol presence at all…this is going down way too quickly…and at 8% you have to be careful! I am a sucker for a great saison and I am thoroughly enjoying this one.

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