We want the pump, gotta funk that pump…

We want the pump, gotta funk that pump…

Boulevard Brewing Company, Funkier Pumpkin, Kansas City, MO

Beautiful copper colored beer with a white head - Boulevard Brewing Company Funkier Pumpkin poured into a tulip glass.
Boulevard Brewing Company Funkier Pumpkin.

8.5% abv. 15 IBUs I cellared this one for about a year and a half! Best by date of 02-02-08. Quick fizz sound on popping the cork. Pours a rich copper color with a healthy white head. Very good carbonation and the head thins out, but lingers forever. Wild berries, cloves, pepper, and banana bread on the nose. You can taste the sour funk immediately but it is interestingly balanced by an earthy pumpkin flavor. This really is a unique melding of styles. 8.5% abv is completely masked by all of the complex flavors. Cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger added but the brettanomyces yeast dominates the flavor with sour candied lemons, cherries, and cloves. Fruity and spicy with each sip, but not overwhelming. Faint vegetative flavors like asparagus and tobacco. Flavors continue with grape husks and blue flowers and I am not even through half a glass. Thirst quenching yet it gets drier with each sip. This is a fascinating beer that I am enjoying thoroughly. Especially on this cold winter night. Boulevard never, ever disappoints.

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