Kunu about this brewery, Chuck it out…

Kunu about this brewery, Chuck it out…

Theory Brewing Company, Kunu & Chuck IPA, Wells, ME

Theory Brewing Co. Kunu & Chuck IPA poured into a nonic pint glass.
Theory Brewing Co. Kunu & Chuck IPA.


Gift from my friend Brian Souza. 6.8% abv. Interesting concept nano brewery run by the Sevigney Family. They experiment with hypothesis beers and get feedback and then tweak the recipes to create theory beers that may become part of their flagship beer list. Pours a rich, semi-opaque gold color with a one inch white head. First whiff is lemon zest, dried apricot, and ripe mango. Smooth and super drinkable. Tropical fruit and floral hop flavors. More juicy than bitter. Gentle hop tingle at finish with the slightest herbal spiciness, a touch of berry sweetness. A very nice offering from this this unique Maine nano brewery. Keep them coming.

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