I just had an epiphany…

I just had an epiphany…

Foundation Brewing Company, Epiphany Maine IPA, Portland, ME

Foundation Epiphany Maine IPA poured into a nonic pint glass.
Foundation Epiphany Maine IPA

Gift from my friend Brian Souza after a trip to Portland. 8% abv. 85 IBUs. Pours gold with lots of floaters. Wonderful Belgian lace. Ripe pineapple, spruce, and a touch of peppery spice on the nose. First sip is a zesty combination of white pepper and citrus rind. Smooth mouthfeel and very drinkable. Perhaps lacking a bit in carbonation. Some hearty malt sweetness helps balance things off, but mostly a hop bomb. Very enjoyable, but falls a bit flat given all of the hype surrounding it. I’ll take anything by Bissell Brothers over this any day.

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