This is no quiet ryeot…

This is no quiet ryeot…

La Cumbre Brewing Company, Red Ryeot, Albuquerque, NM

La Cumbre Red Ryeot Rye Ale poured into a nonic pint glass.
La Cumbre Red Ryeot Rye Ale

A gift from my ever generous friends Pat Pruitt and Marla Allison. 6.5% abv. 75 IBUs. Pours a gorgeous rich garnet-ruby-red color with a thin white head. Great Belgian lace. Spicy rye and sweet anadama bread aroma. Crisp rye and hop bite on first sip, but it goes down super smooth. Hop and rye spiciness lingers a bit on the gums. Medium bodied with a heavyish malt bill that is full of toasted caramel sweetness, but well balanced by a citrusy and piney hop wallop. Hints of grapefruit as you move through it. Finishes with an interesting and wonderful salty pretzel flavor! This brewery never disappoints.

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